Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today, a Cigar

Typically I smoke a pipe, but occasionally I enjoy a cigar. A pipe can last me a few hours, whereas a cigar is a quicker and more convenient smoke. If I’m going for a walk, perhaps, I prefer the cigar over the pipe. Usually when I smoke my pipe, I need a flat surface nearby to rest the pipe, and keep the tamper, lighter and pipe cleaners at the ready. I’ve never been a “hands-free” pipe smoker, but that can be accomplished easily with a cigar.

Interesting thing about smoking a pipe versus a cigar. With pipe tobacco, I usually prefer a more full-flavored, richer blend. However, with cigars I prefer a much milder smoke. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but puffing on a full-flavored cigar will not result in a pleasant experience. Maybe the overall nicotine level in cigars is higher than pipe tobacco.

A couple days ago I enjoyed one of my favorite cigars, an Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Natural. I was in a cigar store and looking for an Ashton Magnum, but the store didn’t carry Ashtons at all. I went instead to one of the first cigars I started smoking many years ago, the 8-5-8. I’ve always considered it one of the best values in cigars. At $4-5 a stick, it’s a perfect size and shape and always delivers a nice, smooth smoke.

As usual, the 8-5-8 did not disappoint. It’s certainly not the most trendy cigar on the market, but I smoke for the pleasure of it, not for any other reason. I enjoyed it thoroughly after a hearty dinner and my wallet was only a few dollars lighter for it.

As much as I enjoyed the cigar, it will be good to fill up a pipe with a good English tobacco, heavy on the Latakia, and take fire to briar!

- Bob

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