Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 1/10/09

Just like last Saturday at the Tobacco Hut, this afternoon found me smoking a new pipe and a new tobacco. This time a beautiful Ben Wade I got from Lou and a very tasty, full-flavored English tobacco that Joe brought me from Heroes & Legacies in Texas.

It was a smooth tasting tobacco not unlike Dunhill 965 but with a little more Latakia. The Ben Wade handled it nicely, reducing it down to a light gray ash. The pipe apparently needs no breaking in as it smoked cool and dry from the start. Another nice addition to the collection.

Most of the gang was in attendance today including the on again/off again "worker bees": myself, Joe, and Peter. Ed B. arrived as well as Barry C. a little later. What did the topic of discussion quickly turn to with half a dozen guys sitting around smoking? No, not women or! The playoffs are just getting started, and after a bit of razzing Peter because his beloved Patriots didn't make it in, everyone settled on who played well during the season and who blew up. Who deserves to keep their coaching job and who should be fired, etc.

Through the haze of cigar and pipe smoke, it was pretty well decided that the Bucs need some deep personnel changes to improve over the dismal second half of this season. My beloved Browns of course, were quite the embarrassment and drew a laugh at the mere mention of the team. At least the Browns did better than the Lions.

The Titans/Ravens game started at 4:30 and Lou, Barry, and I watched the first quarter before Lou closed up the shop for the day. The hated Ravens ended up winning the game on a Matt Stover field goal (former Browns player before the betrayal).

But I'm getting a little off-topic. Anyway, a fun day at the Hut as always and looking forward to next Saturday.

- Bob

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