Friday, January 30, 2009

The Tobacco Hut Website

As many of the regulars at the Hut know, I've been building a website for Lou & Dotty (albeit slowly). They've been very patient, but the wait is over. Their site was uploaded tonight and is available for all the world to see here:

The whole project began one afternoon with a conversation between Lou, Peter, and myself. Actually, it was kind of Peter and I pressing our case to Lou about the benefits of having a website to help promote the business. Lou's biggest objection was price, having been approached in the past from companies offering to build a website for him. We explained how inexpensive it is to reserve a domain and secure hosting, and that I would design the site at no cost, so it really was a no-brainer.

Lou agreed, Peter reserved the domain, and I got to work. The three of us had a couple conversations about the content and how the site should be broken up, and I pretty much stuck to that. The challenge was then to find or create the appropriate artwork. The use of Flash is beyond my current skill set, so I stuck to HTML, and either located clip art, stock photos, or - in some cases - shot photos myself to match art with text.

Anyway, the site is now live, and I hope Lou and Dotty are pleased with it, and it helps at least a little in growing their business.

- Bob

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