Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday at the Hut - 10/30/10

Saturday brought an old friend to The Tobacco Hut...Mike G made a surprise visit from Tennessee! Always great to see Mike and it was just like old times at the Hut. Joe K was there and Steve B came in later in the afternoon. If you haven't checked out Steve's new website, click here to take a look.

Lots of laughter, a little political banter, and great stories from Mike as always. Love the tale he told while visiting the Smoky Mountains (I think it took place there)...Mike's driving around a winding mountain road, carefully negotiating a path between a cop who has someone pulled over and pedestrians on the other side, and his wife spots a deer and hands him the camera phone to take a picture. In his words, Mike doesn't "even know what the f*** button to push!"

Somewhere along the way, Joe got the notion that I called him a Nazi in last week's blog. In fact, I called the Fox News entertainers Nazis, not Joe. But, in any case, a sincere apology to my good friend Joe for leaving him with that impression. I was poking fun at Fox News and didn't mean for Joe to take offense at that so, again, my apologies. Plus, I still need that ride to the Tampa cruise port in January.

Saturday found me smoking an unfinished signed Erik Nording freehand. It has a large bowl and I filled it to the brim with Lou's new English blend, Baker Street. I've written about this blend before, but really am liking it. It's the perfect blend of sweet Virginia and Latakia and I helped Lou sell a couple ounces of it at the shop to a new customer. He also bought one of Lou's estate pipes and hopefully he'll be back to join us on a Saturday.

Vic called during the day and promised to make an appearance next Saturday. Congratulations on your closing Vic and we're looking forward to the housewarming party!

I can't resist...Mike's wife Diane posted this wedding picture of theirs on her Facebook account earlier in the year and I've been meaning to post it here. I guess it's only fair as I a couple weeks ago I posted the picture from several decades ago of Lou and Dotty, so feast your eyes on Mike "back then" (click to enlarge). One of these days I'll embarrass myself and post some of my old pics. They won't be nearly as old as Mike's of course, and I'll be better looking, but you'll get a laugh anyway.


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  1. Thanks for the photo - I hadn't seen it for a long time. Every time I see it I remember that I could not believe that a girl that beautiful would marry a mutt like me. Boy did I get lucky. It was really great seeing everyone last Saturday. MIKE G.