Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday at the Hut - 10/16/10

Today, in Lou's absence, I was running the store. And as promised, it was "Free Cigar Day" at The Tobacco Hut! Of course, it was a limited time offer. Free boxes of cigars were being given away, but only from 10:00am-10:01am. If you didn't make it in during that time, you'll have to buy 'em like everyone else!

As many of you know, Lou is recovering from a cornea transplant, and doing just fine according to Dotty. Some cabin fever has set in so I pity Dotty more than Lou. He's expecting to return to the store this Monday though, wearing some fashionable dark wrap-around glasses. In any case, glad you're doing well Lou, and we'll see you next Saturday.

In the meantime, here's what you missed: Peter G arrived but was a little down in the dumps as his Boston Eagles spent the day losing to Florida State. He did send up a cheer here and there, but his rendition of the Eagles' fight song was less than inspiring. Joe K showed up next and, with great ceremony, I handed over the final installment of my iMac purchase to him. This screamingly fast computer with bright 24" monitor is now completely mine and - unless the check bounces - Joe can't change his mind and take it back! BTW, Joe, have I thanked you lately for selling me this wonderful machine? When you're ready to sell the iPad, let me know!

We were all pretty much in the dumps over Boston College's loss to the Seminoles (well, just Peter) when our day was brightened by Adrian's smiling face. He picked out a cigar and planted himself in - gasp! - the king's chair. That's right, he sat in Lou's chair. Now let that sink in a little: Adrian. Sat. In. Lou's. Chair. In fact, here's the photographic proof (Click to enlarge). We were all pretty much stunned, but I think part of it was that we were all too lazy to go get a folding chair from the back.

Mike G called from his home in Tennessee to place an order of cigars with Lou. I told him I would dutifully write a note for him and have Lou ship it out Monday. Of course, I'm the same guy who assured Mike that I would lock his shed after staying at his cabin a few years ago and completely forgot, so I wouldn't be looking for that cigar shipment anytime soon, Mike!

Practically inconsolable, Peter left after the Boston College/Florida State game was final but Barry C showed up a short time later. Joe left for home to take a nap leaving myself, Barry, and Adrian. Now Barry and Adrian knew each other casually, but only today discovered that they are each diehard Dallas Cowboy fans. They both stood up and embraced as I guess only Cowboy fans can do. In fact, I think the hug went on a little longer than it should have but hey, what do I know,  I'm a Browns fan.

Anyway, the display of man-love ended and as it was nearing closing time, I emptied my pipe of the remnants of Tinder Box Reserve 1928, and packed everything away. Dotty arrived to close out and we were on our way. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon, Lou, and back to take your rightful place at the throne.


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