Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 5/2/09

Sorry for my missing blog post last Saturday. I was at The Tobacco Hut, but just didn't have a chance to get the blog written. I can't think of anything too memorable happening that day...there were no heated sports or political debates and Lou didn't fall off any ladders.

This Saturday saw myself planted in my usual chair, Joe K in his, Peter G arriving mid-afternoon and Barry C bringing up the rear (sorry, poor choice of words, but he did ask to look at my can later in the day - more on that later). Peter was itching for Barry to show up so he could dog him about poor attendance at Yankee Stadium and A-Rod taking steroids in high school (allegedly). Barry fired back with some jabs about a Celtics player not getting suspended when a Knicks player was for the same offense, or something or other. By that time the banter was so rapid fire that nobody else could keep up.

With one more week to go before James K arrives for his gala party, final preparations were being discussed. Deposits were put down on caterers and entertainment, limos were reserved for the dignitaries, and valet service hired for the commoners. We're hoping it's not so hot next Saturday that the ice sculpture melts. Because of Swine Flu we had to abandon our search of Mexican straw markets for the monkey that stole James' cigar a few years back. The bash kicks off next Saturday, May 9th at 11am and goes 'til 1pm. We might end it sooner though if we get bored with James' stories of teenage highjinks like pouring vodka in his ear to ward off infection after swimming across a retention pond.

We almost made it through the day without hearing a customer gripe about the higher taxes on tobacco until a conspiracy nut came in. He somehow managed to connect the recent federal tobacco tax increase with how the Nazis carried out the Holocaust. Joe's howls of laughter drowned out the rest of the guy's theories, but that was probably for the best.

Lou announced that he would like to go to the upcoming tobacco dealer's trade show in July, but that he didn't want to. It took us all awhile to figure that statement out, and I think the jury's still out. We just weren't sure which phrase had the most weight: "would like to" or "didn't want to". I guess we'll find out if we show up some Saturday in July and the store's closed.

Peter entertained us with stories from his years of working in radio. Well, he entertained me at least. I think Barry and Lou were talking golf. Joe had left at that point, probably to go rent the 3 foot high chocolate fountain for next Saturday's party.

Today I enjoyed my Cavicchi pipe with a bowlful of Tinder Box Reserve 1928, easily one of my favorite pipe/tobacco combinations. When I was finished cleaning the pipe, Lou asked to take a look at it and Barry asked if he could look at my can. I was prepared to bolt out the door, but then I realized he was talking about the can of Reserve 1928 tobacco. Phew!

Remember, next Saturday gets started at 11am!

- Bob

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