Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 4/18/09

We had a fun group at The Tobacco Hut today. Joe and I arrived first and chatted with Lou first about his little mishap with the ladder earlier in the morning. Apparently he was replacing the door closer on his front door and, climbing down the ladder, missed the last step and found himself on the floor. Joe and I both admonished him for climbing up ladders to begin with, but it's doubtful that Lou's stubborn streak will stop him in the future. Hopefully his ego is the only thing that got too bruised in the incident.

I fired up a Poul Winslow freehand with some of my favorite tobacco, Tinder Box Reserve 1928 while Joe enjoyed a Padron 1964. Lou reported that sales of his e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) have been brisk. After only a few days, he sold out of his stock and has ordered more. As the price of traditional cigarettes skyrockets because of federal and state taxes, e-cigarettes have become an attractive alternative. And since they don't actually produce smoke, but rather a vapor mist, one can theoretically "smoke" them in public places that would prevent tobacco smoke. It would be curious to see if this is actually the case though.

We talked a little more about what to do for James' homecoming scheduled for May 9th from 11am-1pm. Perhaps we could put Lou (and his Speedo) in a dunk tank in the parking lot. Charge a dollar for three throws and if you dunk him, you win a free box of cigars.

Barry and Peter arrived and we talked a little more about Peter's new business as well as some of the changes to the website I'm building for him. Of course with Barry and Peter both in attendance, the talk soon turned to sports.

Usually, Peter and Barry start exchanging their encyclopedic knowledge of past sports teams, figures and statistics, and I can't keep up enough to report anything meaningful, and today was no different.

Barry did mention that the 3:30 game between my beloved Cleveland Indians and his beloved New York Yankees was on TV. The bad news is I wouldn't be able to see the game since I was leaving early to visit family in Spring Hill who were visiting from up north.

I wasn't disappointed that the Indians spoiled the Yankee's home opener in their new $1.5 billion stadium though a couple days ago. After I got home from Spring Hill, I found an e-mail from Peter who informed me that in the second inning of Saturday's game, the Indians put up 14 runs. Oh, how I wish I could have been at the Hut to witness Barry's sorrow.

Once I got home and found out what the final score was (22-4), I almost called Barry just to find out what happened, beyond the total collapse of his team. But, alas, I didn't have his number.

I did, though, call my cousin Bryan in Spring Hill who was in for the week from New York, to inform him of the shellacking that the Indians dished out. As a diehard Yankee fan, I did not deliver welcome news. I'm hoping that Bryan will visit the Hut next Saturday before he heads home. If not, and you're reading this Bryan, we'll have a smoke for you!

The image above is, of course, Chief Wahoo, the Indians' mascot. Go Tribe!

- Bob

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