Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 5/9/09

The big day had finally arrived...James K's party at The Tobacco Hut. I arrived shortly after 11am and he started whining right away about the absence of the promised Hawaiian Tropic Girls. He did point out the potato salad that he brought as his contribution to the party (since it was past the expiration date, I didn't eat any).

Tom L was already there and it was good to see him after a long absence. Tom must have a bit of a man-crush on James since he hasn't showed up in months, but only after repeated announcements of James' arrival does he make an appearance. I'm just saying...

Joe was there, of course, and he enjoyed telling stories about James' past abuses of his credit card privileges and other transgressions. James feigned ignorance but his sputterings and shoutings were weak defenses. We knew the truth, for every week Joe would come in when James was at college with a new story. And since James wasn't there to tell his side of the story at the time, we always fully believed his father. Sorry James.

In the absence of proper entertainment, Tom borrowed Joe's iPod Touch and surfed over to a very, um, interesting website. In the interests of decorum I won't describe the "theme" of the website, but suffice to say that what was depicted is illegal in several states.

Peter G and Ed B arrived and shortly thereafter Joe's wife Val came in with the food. Joe had sprung for wings for the guys and I must say, he set a nice buffet for us. I was kind of hoping he would serve us too, but he drew the line there so we had to settle for self-serve. The wings were very tasty and we tore through them pretty quickly. We were hoping to just throw the bones on the floor, but Lou would have none of that. He produced a special trash can for the bones and he said he would take it home with him that night. Must be some sort of Santeria ritual or something he was planning...

Steve B arrived a little late and must have been afraid there would be no food left as he brought veritable food pantry with him. He hit the mother lode of wings, scoring quite a few of the leftovers.

In addition to the food, Val also brought The Picture. Apparently James was in Hawaii several weeks ago and lost a bet or something and donned a coconut bra. His girlfriend snapped a picture and forwarded it to Joe and Val. They had it blown up and mounted and we presented it to James today. We all knew James was a little, well, funny and this just confirmed it. Before they left, we all signed it with fond parting comments and James promised to treasure it the entire time he took it to the trash.

James and Joe departed around 1pm - Joe did a nice job of cleaning up and putting everything back to its original state (in addition to computer work, Joe hires himself out as a topless maid) - and a little while later Barry C arrived. It didn't take long for Peter and Barry to talk about Manny Ramirez, suspended earlier this week for 50 games for the presence of a banned substance. Peter was actually the first to bring up the former Red Sox player, trying to beat Barry to the punch. I'm sure Barry had no intention of bringing up Manny's indiscretions and we might have made it through the afternoon without any baseball banter.

Everyone had a great time and it was good to share some laughs and insults with the guys. By the way...FU James! :-)

- Bob

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