Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 3/14/09

Sorry for the late post on the Hut round-up. I was busy last night working on my website and today Paula and I headed over to Orlando to visit family visiting from up north. We arrived home tonight just in time to see the shuttle take off from the east coast - it was a perfect night for it and we had a great view of it. Even saw the solid rocket boosters fall away.

Anyway, Saturday was a fun one at The Tobacco Hut. I spoke with Vic T, aka "New York Vic", on the phone. I haven't seen him awhile, and he didn't make it in on Saturdays during his last visit, so I guess I'll have to wait 'til he moves down here permanently.

Most of the regulars were there - Joe K, Barry C, and Peter G. Steve B arrived straight from a golf tournament. Joe got a phone call from his son James who just wanted to make sure we were planning the big party for his arrival in May. Yeah, James, not to worry - got you covered! We're thinkin' a couple Snickers bars. Anyway, we gave him his usual Tobacco Hut greeting, not printable in a family forum.

Peter reported having a good Caribbean cruise last weekend with his family and Joe is planning an Alaskan cruise in the summer.

Joe and I gave a little recap of our experience at the Rocky Patel tasting at Blue Smoke a couple nights ago. We urged Lou to get the same type of cushy, leather furniture that they have. We also urged him to hire some of the same eye candy that they employ... ;-)

Other than a few jabs here and there, the political debate was kind of tame. Where's Paul V been? I miss my sparring partner!

Oh yeah, my bowlful of Tinder Box Reserve 1928 smoked as smooth as ever in my Cavicchi pipe. A customer did come in smoking a nice looking GBD with an amber-colored stem. Most of the Hut customers are cigar smokers so I always take notice of a fellow pipe smoker.

That's it for this week - until next Saturday...

- Bob

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