Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 2/21/09

Wow! Today saw a lot of people at The Tobacco Hut, a lot of cigars being enjoyed, and a lot of passionate debate. I was the first to arrive and I began my afternoon by loading up an Ascorti I haven't smoked in a while with some G.L. Pease Maltese Falcon, a deliciously smooth English blend, rich in Latakia.

Joe arrived soon after and I am pleased to report that he is loving his iMac. Although I'm secretly wishing he'll hate it and just want to give it to me, but I think like most users he'll become a permanent member of the Mac family.

Lou did admit to me that I was right about the satellite/cell phone controversy from last week. I know it killed him to do it, and I'm still not a hundred percent sure he believes it, but it was fun to debate the issue.

Ed B. arrived but only had time to drink a soda or two. In discussing a recent raid at a local crack house where the suspect opened fire on deputies, who immediately returned fire, killing the suspect, Ed introduced us to a technical police term: DRT. The newspaper had reported that the suspected was transported to the hospital and was pronounced dead at the emergency room, but Ed had the inside track and said the suspect was actually DRT - "Dead Right There", meaning essentially dead where he dropped. Gotta love the gallows humor of law enforcement!

Peter arrived and before long Barry showed up. Peter was eager to ask Barry about A-Rod's admission of juicing earlier in his career, and an animated discussion broke out about which team's roster, the Red Sox or Yankees, contained more players who used steroids. I don't think the argument was truly settled, but it was certainly a lively debate.

Joe didn't really participate as he's not much of a baseball follower, but I know he enjoyed the show. Joe is a passionate follower of politics and current events, and it didn't take long for him to take a few friendly jabs at the token liberal in the room - me, your humble narrator.

Paul came in and grabbed a chair and a cigar and jumped into the fray, but not before he and I talked a little about the online cigar discussion board he and Scott (who hasn't been seen in a few weeks, but is excused since he usually works on Saturdays) introduced me to, Cigar Asylum. It's a lively forum that I just joined and am looking forward to participating more in.

Steve arrived a short time later and the discussion soon turned toward the events of the day, including unemployment, the state of the economy, global warming, overpopulation, energy resources, etc. Paul, Peter, Steve, Barry, Lou, and I all had an engaging discussion on the issues, each firmly entrenched in our respective camps. Of course, your humble narrator did find himself fending off some verbal blows from around the room.

I look forward to recovering quickly from my wounds (maybe through the use of steroids) and returning next week for another round.

- Bob

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