Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Tobacco Tin Design

I enjoyed designing the Fusty Scholar retro-look tobacco tin so much, and it was well received, so I decided to try another one. Going for the vintage and weathered look again, I utilized the same approach as for the first one. I went looking through my clip art collection to find a suitable illustration, and then went about matching the packaging copy to the graphic.

And thus, Mad Dog Smoking Tobacco was born (see below). A quick Google search determined that there isn't a real tobacco by that name, so I began designing. Again, I kept it simple for two reasons. From a design standpoint, packaging especially should be kept simple, so I didn't get carried away with colors and kept with a minimum palette. Also, since I'm offering these for sale at my t-shirt shop, The Erudite Outlet, I have to be conscious of what looks good on apparel and other merchandise.

The design is available on a variety of men's and women's t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc., plus other merchandise like mousepads, greeting cards, aprons, bags, coffee mugs and more.

I'm enjoying exploring the idea of faux retro looking tobacco tins and am kicking around some other ideas. Perhaps with two now under my belt, I'll go for a series of four to offer at the shop. I would welcome any feedback on this design, or ideas for future ones.

- Bob

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