Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday at the Hut - 5/7/11

Today at The Tobacco Hut was fun, but also touched with disappointment. Fun, because in attendance were Scott R and Steve B. Scott delivered some greenbacks to Lou for some of the lighters he's sold for Lou on eBay, which made Lou very happy. Scott, Lou, and I had a wide-ranging discussion covering topics like high school reunions (Scott made his position about whether I should attend my upcoming 30th very clear), pocket knives, the promotional product biz, eBay, and even religion.

I pontificated on how psychics prey on their victims and even performed a quick card trick for Scott, who was suitably impressed. Scott impressed me with some wizardry of the mathematical kind. I promised him I would send him a link to a fun online magic trick, but thought others might enjoy it as well, so here it is:

Steve B arrived later in the day after a 2-month hiatus. Always a pleasure to see Steve, especially after such a long absence. I don't know who has more ideas for business and making money, Scott or Steve. Steve's getting involved in the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) as a way of giving back and helping people become more self-sufficient, as well as strengthening their community. Looking forward to hearing of his progress on this front in the weeks and months to come.

What was a little disappointing was that Joe K was a no-show. We missed him last week because he was doing something with his son, James. The week before that was James's wedding. So we were expecting to see him today and when we didn't, I called him. A little while later he texted me to say that he was in Erie, PA (where the temperature was a perfect 58ยบ). Doh! That's right, he told us he was going to Pennsylvania; we just couldn't remember when exactly. Hopefully he'll be back next week.

The disappointment was tempered when Adrian R came waltzing through the door. Well, I wouldn't say he exactly "waltzed", but he certainly made one of his grand entrances. I was excited to reclaim my chess crown and went for the chess board that Lou stores for me behind the counter, but my excitement was short-lived. Adrian announced that he was back to his old self and just breezing in and out to buy a cigar or two. Mrs. Adrian was waiting in the car and he couldn't stay. The last time Adrian's wife dropped him off, we forced her to come in so we could meet her. Strange...she didn't come in this time. Hopefully we haven't scared her off. Adrian promises to allow me the opportunity of playing another game of chess soon.

And yet another disappointment...Peter had promised last week that he would stop in today, but he was a no-show. I wanted to find out how his new job was going and also tell him that I finally took his recommendation for dinner. Last night Paula and I went to Mr. Souvlaki in Tarpon Springs and I had their signature Greek Chow Mein. Wow - what a meal! Paula had the souvlaki and she was equally impressed with her dish. We will definitely be going back. I had the full order and could only eat half; I had the remaining portion tonight for dinner. A thumbs-up recommendation from me! Thanks Peter!

A shout out to Scott and the creation of a CafePress store he just put up, featuring his most-excellent knife photography. Check it out at - perfect gear for the outdoor lover. BTW, another regular at the Hut, Paul V and Scott have another shop on CafePress featuring some cool cigar art:

That's it for this week - hope to see lots of people next Saturday!

 - Bob

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