Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday at the Hut - 5/14/11

Joe K made his first appearance at The Tobacco Hut in several weeks! I suppose missing the Hut for his son James' wedding and then traveling out of state excuses him. He was even on his best behavior and didn't complain about his cigar canoeing like crazy. He described a lovely wedding on Davis Island - too bad all of our invitations apparently got lost in the mail. It would have been nice to attend. Apparently James and his new bride honeymooned in Mexico somewhere. Wonder if he ran into the cigar-smoking monkey down there! Anyway, congrats James!

Darryl G and his son Greg stopped in for the afternoon and Darryl presented a good idea to Lou: A Father's Day celebration at the Hut on Saturday, June 18th. The suggestion was met with instant approval by Lou and we decided it would start at 1:00. Darryl offered to bring wings and when I mentioned it to Paula, she said she could make little cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off for all the guys. She was kidding, of course, but offered to make something manly that I could bring in.

So make plans now to stop in at the Hut for a Father's Day party, June 18th, at 1:00. Obviously all are welcome, not just dads.

Adrian arrived and I was so excited to finally have a shot at dethroning the reigning chess champion. He had breezed in and out last week, promising to stay this week and play some chess. But, alas, he reverted back to the ole' Adrian - his patented breeze-in-and-out, a quick meet and greet, buy a couple cigars, and he was on his way. Apparently he would rather spend time with his wife than hanging out with the guys (and risk losing a game of chess). Next time, Adrian!

A shout out to my buddy, Scott R, AKA "Knife Guy". I've already mentioned his most-excellent blog about knives in this space before (and if you aren't reading it, you really should), but that's not what is getting the shout out. The last time he was at the Hut, he and I were talking knives and I mentioned that I really needed a good pocketknife. I have a small Swiss Army Knife attached to my keychain, but said that I should have something a bit more substantial to carry around.

My new knife!
(Click to enlarge)
So what arrives in the mail a few days later from Scott? A knife! The guy completely surprises me by sending a knife from his collection. And it's perfect, sleek, slim, and the blade is insanely sharp! I slipped it into my pocket right away, and it's been there ever since. So a big thank you to Scott! Much appreciated, my friend.

I had occasion to use said knife the very next day when I arrived home from work and a much-anticipated box of custom imprinted pens was sitting on my front porch. As many of you know, I'm now in the promotional products business and was in need of something of my own to hand out to prospective customers.
My new Clipper Pens!
(Click to enlarge)

I threw together a website to promote the pens themselves and took some photos of the pens for the page. Scott R is the guy who got me into the business and I've shamelessly copied an idea of his, i.e. choose one product and push the hell out of it, not only to sell that particular item, but generate leads as well. Here's the link to the new website: and pictured is one of the images I shot for it.

As I was at the Hut on Saturday puffing on some delicious Dunhill 965 in my rusticated Ascorti Peppino, I thought, "Hey - it's been a couple weeks since we've had a good theological debate." And then I thought of my friend Arleen at work. She's a terrific writer who comes down squarely on the opposite side of the theological fence from me. We've had some great discussions at work about a variety of issues (not just the existence of God), and she maintains an active and thought-provoking blog of her own. I highly recommend giving her a read:

Don't forget, Saturday, June 18th, 1:00 at the Hut for the Father's Day Party!

 - Bob


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm honored. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm honored. :)

  3. Please have Paula put a little mustard on those sandwiches. - Mike G.

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