Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday at the Hut - 6/26/10

Saturday at The Tobacco Hut saw me smoking some of the tobacco I purchased at Bennington's in Sarasota on our recent trip to Key Largo. Last week I smoked their No. 15 and this week I tried their No. 05. Their website describes the tobacco as "Golden brown burley from Kentucky and Tennessee is expertly blended with flue-cured Virginia Ribbon and Cyprus Latakia. The secret to this blend is its pleasant aroma, yet unlike many aromatics, the smoke is fuller-bodied, cooler and satisfying." I found it a very nice smoke indeed, similar to Lou's Alaskan Gold, with the addition of the Virginia.

We missed Joe today as he is still recovering from a kidney stone procedure he endured earlier in the week. I'd lend you my kidney, my friend, but it's the only one I've got! I was hoping to see Peter and his fedora so I could let him know that Paula and I ate at Hellas at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks the night before. We got in trouble with him for eating at Red Lobster a couple weeks ago and was hoping we could redeem ourselves.

Adrian, whom I mentioned a couple weeks ago, came in and sat down to enjoy a cigar. I'm glad he was there so we could tap into his sports knowledge about the FIFA World Cup soccer game that was on TV: USA vs. Ghana. Yes, you read that correctly, Lou actually turned the from the Golf Channel to ABC so we could watch the soccer match. It was an exciting game but, as you probably know by now, the U.S. lost and wasn't able to advance to the next round.

I was very pleased to learn that Adrian is a chess player. Perhaps some Saturday I'll have to bring a small chess set I have to the Hut...It's sometimes hard to find chess players and as much as I'd like to trounce him in a game to avenge Ohio State's (my alma mater) loss to Adrian's favorite team, the University of Florida, in the 2007 BCS Championship, it would be fun just to play a casual over-the-board game.

Not much else going on. Hope to see everyone this Saturday. Get healthy, Joe!

 - Bob

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