Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Open Letter to "Tim"

Tim, it has come to my attention that, in your opinion, I don't promote the pipes at The Tobacco Hut enough. That when I describe what I'm smoking in the blog, the pipes at Lou's must not be "good enough" because they don't get mentioned. I can only guess that you are referring to my most recent post where I describe the Cassano pipe I purchased while at L.J. Peretti's in Boston.

I take umbrage at this and have referenced the below blog posts to refute your accusation. In reviewing 60+ posts since late 2008, I have mentioned pipes obtained at The Tobacco Hut numerous times, admittedly not always saying where I got the pipe. Below, however, are the posts where I do talk about the pipe and that I had gotten it at Lou's.

1/10/09 - Ben Wade
2/3/09 - Sterncrest Estate Pipe
2/8/09 - Peterson
3/7/09 - Peterson Donegal
8/22/09 - Ben Wade
9/19/09 - Viking Crown
12/26/09 - Stanwell Freehand
5/8/10 - Viking Crown

The latest post that mentioned a pipe and where I got it was as recently as May 8. I suggest a more thorough reading of my blog before making such statements.

Indeed, the pipes at The Tobacco Hut are more than "good enough". In fact, fourteen of the pipes in my collection have come from Lou's. And in the March 7th post, I describe the Peterson Donegal as being one of the best smoking pipes I own.

Just setting the record straight.

 - Bob

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