Sunday, December 21, 2008


Welcome to The Sweetest Smoke, home of my reflections and ruminations about smoking, mostly pipe and the occasional cigar. The title comes from an Irish proverb, "The old pipe gives the sweetest smoke." And while I'm sure there's a double entendre in there somewhere, I'll be sticking with the literal sense of the word in my postings.

My intent is to keep this a casual rambling conversation but comments are welcomed and encouraged so it doesn't end up one-sided. The intended reader is any pipe or cigar smoker and I'll try to keep it on-topic, but occasionally I might veer off into a bit of philosophy or history or trivia.

I also see this blog as an extension of the goings-on at The Tobacco Hut, my local cigar and pipe shop in New Port Richey, Florida. Saturday afternoons I can be found hanging out at the shop enjoying a pipe with a gang of regulars (and irregulars). Discussions started there may end up here but I'll keep everybody on a first name- or initials-only basis to ensure a little anonymity.

I'll spend a little time sprucing up the joint here in the coming days, putting my limited graphic design skills to use and then jump in with some postings.

Thank you!

- Bob

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