Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday at the Hut - 1/26/13

This is a good news/bad news kind of post. As most of you probably know by now, The Tobacco Hut lives! If you haven't discovered on your own, or read it here two weeks ago, the Hut has new owners - Pete and Laurie Yates. (My apologies to Laurie for misspelling her name in the last blog update). So that's the very good news. Lou has been bringing Pete up to speed on everything these last couple weeks.

More good news...inventory levels are getting back to normal. Orders have been placed for everyone's favorite cigars and shipments are coming in.

Lou, of course, has the best news of all. Dotty is scheduled to come home this week and he and Diane are moving full speed ahead with their preparations. We wish them all well and Lou has pledged to make an appearance at the Hut as soon as the three of them are settled into somewhat of a routine.

Now the bad news. It's only slightly bad, so don't get too worked up. The Hut will be closing temporarily. Not for long - maybe a week or two, starting this Wednesday, Jan 30. In other words, Tuesday, Jan. 29 will be the last day, just for a little while.

Pete wants to do some minor remodeling to the place. He wants to paint the walls, replace the ceiling tiles, that sort of thing. Nothing major, just spruce it up a bit. And he can't very well do all that if we're hanging around taking up space.

So if you need some sticks, you have a couple days yet - this Monday and Tuesday - before he starts the remodel. After the work is done, Pete will open the doors and probably have a grand re-opening event of some sort.

In addition to signs in the window, he will let me know when the re-open date is and I'll put it in the blog straightaway so everyone knows. So don't ignore emails from me like you normally do - there will be important information in the next one!

By the way, Lou's official last day at the Hut will be this Tuesday. After that, he'll stop in from time to time (once he gets Dotty squared away), so if you want to pop in and see him, make sure to do it this Monday or Tuesday; I know he'd appreciate it.

That's really it. It was kind of a slow day at the Hut this Saturday, probably because of Gasparilla. But Joe was there, along with Peter G and Aaron. Oh, and thanks for the doughnuts, Pete - much appreciated. Hmm...can't remember Lou ever bringing us doughnuts. Just sayin'.

See everybody in a couple weeks - I'll keep you posted!


  1. Bob,
    What a small world, I live just down the road from you in Hillsborough County! I just started a new blog and today was actually my first post. I was looking for other pipe smoker's as I thought I might be the only one left in existence when I came across your site. What a pleasure to meet you and know that we both reside in the 'Sunshine State.' I look forward to getting to know you. Kind thoughts,

  2. Hi Dean! Thanks for posting and congratulations on your new blog. I'll add a link to it on the left rail under "Favorite Links".

    If you haven't already, check out Smokers Forums:
    It's a great place for pipe smokers to hang out online. I post once in awhile there under "Seneca77".

    If you make it to New Port Richey on a Saturday stop in. I can usually be found at The Tobacco Hut (although they're closed right now for remodeling). Always nice to meet another pipe smoker, as we do seem to be a rare breed.

    - Bob