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Saturday at the Hut - 3/10/12

Let it be known to all men that I, Robert Harrison, did bring in to The Tobacco Hut on this day, Saturday, March 10, 2012, a new supply of Herr's Peanut Butter Pretzels. Joe K usually brings them in and I decided to do my part and replenish them. I normally would have no problem doing that, except that they can only be purchased in large quantities at Sam's Club. As many of you know, I am philosophically opposed to doing any business at Wal-Mart or its affiliate companies. So I asked my mother to pick some up the next time she went shopping there.

Today at the Hut we had Joe, Tom, Peter, and Paul O. Scott had intended on making his third appearance in a row, but had to cancel. I, for one, was disappointed as I was anticipating some questions from him regarding the brain teaser I posed in last week's blog (the 911 call). And he was bringing a very cool knife with him that he featured on a recent blog post of his. He did pledge to make the trek to New Port Richey next Saturday however.

Vic serving up his roasted nuts.
(Click to enlarge)
When Tom arrived, he wasted no time delivering a message from Vic. Apparently Tom stopped in to the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton yesterday to sample some of Vic's nuts. Now you can see from the photo that Vic appears to be a little shorter than he normally is. I guess he liked getting around on his little scooter so much that he decided to have foot surgery again.
Vic appearing to be disabled so he'll
get more tips.
(Click to enlarge)

Anyway, Tom brought a couple messages from Vic. First was why Mike G wasn't down taking care of Vic's Nuts so he could convalesce properly? I know Mike really enjoyed covering Vic's Nut Sack - er Nut Shack - so I'm surprised that he hadn't hurried down from the mountains of Tennessee the moment he heard of Vic's troubles.

The other message Vic had was for me. He wanted to know where his shirts were for his current business venture. When Vic started on his nutty adventure, he wanted t-shirts designed and we talked about me doing them. And on September 8, 2011, I designed said shirt and e-mailed it to Vic for his approval. See below for the design. Unfortunately, my work was for naught as I never heard back from him.
The design I sent to Vic on
September 8, 2011
(Click to enlarge)

No matter, because Tom also brought some nutty samples! And a couple of Vic's blue balls for Lou. And Tom even brought some bourbon for us to wash down the nuts with. Now Tom did warn us that the nuts were a tad spicy. Holy Tobasco! They went beyond spicy. They were downright flammable. Downing a shot of the bourbon was dangerous as the whole thing could have gone up in flames.

Vic's nuts and Lou's blue balls.
(Click to enlarge)
Lou tried one of them and had to race back to his refrigerator for a quart of milk to quench the fire. I went through a lot of Mountain Dew eating Vic's nuts. Joe didn't even try them. Paul took a handful and promptly spit them into the parking lot. Peter's reaction was the same. Tom, with his cast iron stomach, seemed to enjoy them though. Apparently the coating wasn't the standard fare, but one of Vic's creations.

Joe did sample one of Lou's blue balls, a chocolatey concoction surrounding a Macadamia nut. Joe reported it was being good, but very rich. Right before he went into diabetic shock.

What was left of the Elijah
Craig 18 Year bourbon
(Click to enlarge)
As I mentioned, Tom brought some bourbon for us to sample. It was Elijah Craig 18-year single barrel, named after an 18th century Baptist preacher living in an area of Virginia that was later to become Kentucky. It is said that Elijah himself invented the process of aging whiskey in charred oak barrels, but that claim is apocryphal. Tom had talked about this bourbon on his previous visit and how much he liked it, once it had breathed a little. I guess I'll just stick to beer and wine, because even after a couple hours of "breathing" I couldn't get past the 94 proof. I accidentally spilled a bit on my shorts and it started to burn through the fabric.

Paul enjoyed it, as evidenced by how little was left in the bottle in the photo. It was full when Tom brought it in.

That's it for this week - see you next Saturday!

 - Bob

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