Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday at the Hut - 12/24/10

A special Christmas blog today and season's greetings to all my loyal readers (both of you). Tom L called me a couple days ago and asked if there were any plans to get together at The Tobacco Hut on Christmas Eve. I knew that Lou was closing early, but we talked about meeting up at noon. So I sent word to the local guys and we ended up with a nice turnout: Tom, Peter, Ed, Adrian, and myself joined Lou, Dotty and Diane.

Joe wasn't able to make it so Tom called him and gave him hell. Joe pledged to make next Friday for the New Year's Eve celebration. The shop won't be open on Saturday, New Year's Day, so we're all planning on getting together on Friday instead, around 12:00 again.

A new pipe smoker arrived, I believe Ed was his name, and - much to Tom's chagrin and amusement - we talked a little shop. I advised him on the best way to keep the pipe lit (looser on the bottom, tighter toward the top), how to light it, keep it clean, etc. Tom thought the whole thing was just so much foolishness, and that a cigar is far more convenient.

Tom couldn't see the allure of all the different blends of pipe tobacco and I tried to explain my connoisseur's sophisticated palate but he cut me off, reminding me of how I polished off a magnum of Mad Dog 20/20 at his house a month ago. Point taken.

Adrian arrived and brought a very special guest, his wife. She was actually just dropping him off while she did some shopping, but we all coaxed her inside to be properly introduced. We've never met Mrs. Adrian and felt compelled to know the woman who puts up with Adrian so well. She entered the store a little wide-eyed at the gaggle of men thrusting handshakes at her, and she probably left reeking of smoke and vowing never to return. Thanks for being a good sport, Mrs. Adrian!

Lou mentioned that Mike G was in town visiting family and that he and Vic had stopped in earlier in the week. Hopefully Mike will still be in town next Friday and he can pop in. Vic, can you make the long drive up from Bradenton?

That's all for now. It's Christmas morning as I'm writing this, and this atheist is anxious to open some Xmas presents!

Don't forget - next Friday, New Year's Eve, at the Hut, around noon. Let's ring in the New Year with leftover Christmas cookies and good smokes!

 - Bob

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