Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday at the Hut - 2/6/10

I had received a new shipment of tobacco from the Tinder Box this week, as I was out of my favorite tobacco, Reserve 1928, so I was quite eager to light up a pipeful of it today. I arrived at The Tobacco Hut, greeted Lou and Joe K, and promptly filled my Mauro Armellini and lit up. What a fine combination...this part straight grain and part flame grain pipe burns the Virginia tobaccos in the Reserve 1928 so smoothly and evenly, every sip is a treat.

As usual, Joe was struggling to keep his cigar lit, complaining loudly to Lou about stems and whatnot and trying mightily to wrangle a free cigar from Lou, but no dice. Methinks it's just operator error.

Peter and Steve arrived after awhile and we talked about, in no particular order of importance, politics, women, and sports. The Two-Kidney Boy Wonder, James, called in for his weekly dose of abuse, and he was amply rewarded by Lou spitting out a string of epithets that would embarrass a sailor. Apparently, James is coming into town in a couple of weeks and he and a buddy are taking Joe's boat down to the Everglades. Joe doesn't know too many details, so we are left to assume that this is probably some sort of gun-running adventure James has embarked on.

At around 4:00, Barry came in complaining of Swine Flu-like symptoms. Of course, he mentioned this after he shook everyone's hand. As of this writing, I'm feeling okay, but I'm sure I'll wake up with a fever.

Knowing that Barry is a big Emmitt Smith fan, claiming that he was the game's best running back, I had done a little research comparing his stats with Jim Brown's. In overall yardage and rushing touchdowns, Smith is clearly the leader. Of course, he also played far more seasons than Jim Brown did. I think it's more telling though that Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yards per carry vs. Emmitt Smith's 4.2 yards. Jim Brown is also the only player to average 100+ yards per game. Also, according to, Emmitt Smith fumbled the ball 38 times while Jim Brown never fumbled.

In all fairness, Barry brings up a reasonable objection to that last statistic: perhaps the NFL didn't keep such statistics while Jim Brown played the game. But I'm happy believing that Jim Brown never fumbled the ball and Emmitt "Butterfingers" Smith couldn't hang onto it 38 times.

Finally, Sporting News named Jim Brown as the greatest football player to every play the game.

I must say, Barry did a fine impression of Peter whose arms tend to be overtaken by demonic possession when he gets into heated debate mode. And Barry regaled Steve with his story of meeting Derek Jeter. It is a good story, and one that has been reported here in an earlier blog posting. It's also worth noting that Peter and Barry actually agreed today on bit of sports opinion. I can't be sure exactly what it was, because if it doesn't involve the Cleveland Browns or Indians, I can't be bothered with paying close attention.

Joe didn't witness the late afternoon frivolity as he had gone home to take a nap.

By the way, as the irregular visitor to the Hut may not be aware, Lou & Dotty are looking to sell the shop. It is with a heavy heart that I report this, as it means a weekly way of life for me could come to an end. My wife is not happy about it either, as it could mean I will be underfoot for her on Saturday afternoons. Things are still up in the air at this point, but I wish Lou & Dotty well. 

Until next week...

 - Bob

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