Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday at the Hut - 1/2/10

Unfortunately, I was forced to stay home from the Tobacco Hut with a nasty cold I picked up last week. So no pipe for me and no reporting on what transpired.

I did however send my intrepid correspondent, Joe K, to the scene. From past e-mail exchanges with him, I know Joe to be concise and succinct. So I doubt that you'll be subject to the loquacious and verbose reporting you have grown accustomed to from my writings over the years.

Here's Joe's full report now:

We smoked.

Well, then, there you have it. Thank you Joe for that fine bit of reporting!

And, by the way, happy birthday to our correspondent! Sorry I couldn't be there to hoist a pipe in your honor. Hope to see you next week.

- Bob

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