Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 12/19/09

Again my humble apologies for taking so long to write a post - even Joe is finding it hard to defend my neglect of the blog. I shall endeavor to be more attentive in the future.

We all had a good laugh at The Tobacco Hut last week, December 12th, when the preacher man, Jim C, discovered that he had a new mission for conversion, namely me. He, Joe, Lou and Peter tried mightily (Joe even offered to take a knee with me) but alas I'm still enjoying the company of fellow nontheists such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Bertrand Russell, Carl Reiner, George Carlin, Carl Sagan, and Kazimierz Lyszczynski (who was executed in 1689 for his beliefs - or rather, non belief).

This past Saturday I brought a special guest - my son Ryan was in town visiting for his winter break from school. He just finished up his first quarter at Ohio State, getting all A's, and was spending a few days with the family. It didn't take him long to join Lou, Joe, and Peter in taking some shots at the ole' man. He would fit in quite easily with our little Saturday afternoon group, just as Joe's son James did.

We couldn't stay long as we were headed up to Spring Hill to visit my mother who is recovering from a rather long stay in the hospital. She's doing better now and is on the mend.

Some more good news on the medical front, I had my six month scans last week to see if any more cancer has reared its ugly head and everything was clear - yippee! Or, as Joe would say, "Thank ya Jesus!". There was one little spot on the bone scan, but the oncologist said it wasn't cancerous at all, just a little arthritis in my hip. Can't wait to play the arthritis card on Paula now..."Sorry Honey, can't cut the grass, my arthritis is acting up."

Oh, one more thing, I made a grave error regarding the spelling of a certain word when I was building the shop's website. Lou has a pipe tobacco called North Star and it contains nougat flavoring. I spelled it incorrectly ("nuget") and somehow, a year later, Lou noticed it and brought it to my attention a few weeks ago. He asked me then how it was spelled and I replied, "N-U-G-E-T", compounding my error.

This Saturday at the Hut, he brought it to my attention again and Ryan consulted his iPod Touch, verifying that is indeed spelled "N-O-U-G-A-T". Of course, Ryan (and everyone else) had a good laugh over the fact that Mr. English Degree had misspelled a word. Ryan even remarked that he would make sure not to take the same English courses at Ohio State that I did.

Anyway, to Lou and everyone else, I now take this opportunity to down a hefty slice of humble pie and freely admit my mista-, my mis-, my mist-, my mistak-, my...mistake. There, I did it. And I'll now go and correct the website.

Merry Christmas everyone! (yes, the irony of me wishing you a Merry *Christmas* is not lost on me).

- Bob

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  1. Bob, sorry I didn't make it in this week , I would have enjoyed meeting your son. Great news about the six month follow up. (Amen) You know I find it most annoying when people correct me over the stupidest shit like spelling, so I got your back on that one. Merry Christmas to you and all friends at the Hut, Barry