Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday at the Hut - 6/20/09

We welcomed Lou back from his gambling junket to Tunica, Mississippi today. Lou and Dotty like to get away now and then to try their hand with Lady Luck. The fact that Lou was there this Saturday and not jetting off to the Riveria means that they must not have brought too much of the casino's money back with them. But they had a good time, and that's what's important.

I think I reported in the last post that they went to Biloxi but I was mistaken; it was Tunica. And speaking of being mistaken, I made another mistake. A few weeks ago I designed a brochure on the Smoke Stik, the electronic cigarette that The Tobacco Hut started carrying. I provided Lou a CD with the front and back designs in PDF form, so he could take it to Office Depot or Staples and they could print it out for him.

The next week he reported that they couldn't open the file and that it wasn't in a PDF format. I said that was impossible, and he should go to someone competent like a traditional print shop. So when I saw him yesterday, he reported that he took it to a real print shop and they had trouble opening the file as well, saying that it wasn't a PDF. They were able to open the files in Photoshop and print the job for him, but I didn't design the brochure in Photoshop. I designed it in Adobe Illustrator and saved it as a PDF.

I was bound and determined to prove myself right, and fortunately I had saved a copy of the burn disk so when I got home from the Hut I checked it immediately. Well, now I'm eating some crow, because the files were saved in the Illustrator format. I had never converted them to PDF's.

It takes a big man to admit his mistake and the scales don't lie; I'm a big man now admitting his mistake. Sorry Lou!

Joe K and Ed B were in attendance today as Peter G was in Ft. Myers visiting his daughter. I'm still not smoking yet, but probably will break out a small pipe next week during the anniversary party. Ed, Joe and I firmed up what we were bringing to the party for eats. There will be refreshments and raffles and should be lots of fun. No dancing girls, unless Sue Ann shows up!

The party is next Saturday, June 27th, from 11am-4pm. There was a great turnout five years ago at the 20th anniversary party and we're expecting the same next week. If you don't have it on your calendar to attend, make sure to pencil it in. Dotty and Diane will be helping out as well, so at least come out and say hello to them, even if you ignore Lou.

Joe brought in a gift certificate that Val got for him as a Father's Day present, specifically reserving Joe's favorite cigar (a Padron 1926). Joe smoked it down to the nub, relishing every puff and, with the smoothness and confidence of a pickpocket, folded up the gift certificate and put it back in his pocket after he lit up the cigar.

The subterfuge almost worked until two hours later when it suddenly hit Lou that he hadn't actually been handed the gift certificate. Joe handed it over with a laugh and I think we all learned a lesson: it's tough to pull one over on Lou, especially when money is concerned.

I am reminded of a joke Mike G and I played on Lou several years ago. Lou had the TV tuned to some sports event like football or golf when he got up to take care of a customer. Mike suggested I change the channel and then take the batteries out of the remote. So I found "Disney on Ice" or something similar and pocketed the batteries.

Hilarity ensued when Lou returned to his throne, er chair, looked at the ice skating and erupted, "What the hell is this?!" He snatched the remote from the table and began stabbing at the buttons, to no avail. Lou's face got redder and redder, and the profanities started flying as he was now convinced that the remote was broken. Before he burst a vessel somewhere, I produced the missing batteries. So it is possible to get one over on Lou, but only when money is not involved.

Anyway, hope to see everyone next Saturday for the big party!

- Bob

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